Airbrush Makeup


Airbrush Makeup has become very popular & most recommended for bridal makeup in These days.

The foundation use in this makeup is one step ahead of HD foundation it is more liquid in consistency & very micro so can be sprayed through a 0.1mm to 0.9 mm nozzle of spray gun or pod of airbrush , which creates very thin layer of makeup & gives very skin like finish.

Airbrush makeup suited to all skin types if the skin is wel prepped & prime. the foundation used in this are silicon based which gives very lasting result,and it looks like a second skin as it creates very flawless look.

Airbrush is one of the best & versatile form of makeup which gives you very natural look, &  with the good technique it last for at least 16hrs. this is waterproof makeup which lasts longar. (Water proof not sweat proof) in case of sweating or teare you have to dab it , dont wipe them. 

Airbrush makeup needs manual concealing techniques as wel as other things to do like manual blush,eyeshadows & contour.

Airbrush makeup gives very light weight , skin finish & flawless look. it also give very polished like effect of your face. it is more natural , smooth & soft finished look it covers all skin problems like pigmentation , scar & other flaws it doesn’t oxidizes more & we can build from very sheer to full coverage with natural look.

So I will always recommend the brides, that it airbrush fits within your budget than you must go for it on your special day


Bridal HD Makeup

HD Makeup means the technique  of makeup  in which high defination (HD) products are used.this makeup technique is suitable for all skin types as it is buildable & Makes the makeup appear more natural than layered. This is the best makeup for photography as the products have light diffusing  coating ,which helps to blur the light when it reflects back. 

HD makeup gives very flawless finish.the products blend with skin very flawlessly so it gives natural and no makeup look & give feels very light & soft touch though these products are medium coverage it hides all flaws,scars,blemishes & an even  texture. Now a Days HD makeup is recommended by most of the brides as it gives very skin finished look . also it stays longer.