HD Makeup means the technique  of makeup  in which high defination (HD) products are used.this makeup technique is suitable for all skin types as it is buildable & Makes the makeup appear more natural than layered. This is the best makeup for photography as the products have light diffusing  coating ,which helps to blur the light when it reflects back. 

HD makeup gives very flawless finish.the products blend with skin very flawlessly so it gives natural and no makeup look & give feels very light & soft touch though these products are medium coverage it hides all flaws,scars,blemishes & an even  texture. Now a Days HD makeup is recommended by most of the brides as it gives very skin finished look . also it stays longer.

This Includes

* All High End Hd Products.


* Makeup Done By Sheetal Tatkar


* Coloured Eye Lenses


* Eye Lashes


* Jewellery


* Any Bridal Hairstyle


* Bridal Hair Accessories As Per The look


*Saree Or Lehenga Draping


*Travel To Venue